Love your life.
Hiiii. (:
Well, i'm a pretty outgoing and smiley person.
I always am the loudest, but i can be pretty chill sometimes. I'm very outspoken, i tell people straight up what i think. oh well, if you don't like it. (: GO LOOK THROUGH ALL MY PAGES, YOU MIGHT BE HAPPY YOU DID. <3 I love to give advice, talk to me about anything. I'm always there for my family, and friends. Without them i'd be nothing. If you don't like me, or have a problem, then just UNFOLLOW ME ;D Anyways, tumblr is a way to express myself so, deal with what i put on here [: HMU!
Love, hollie <3 :D
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If it were up to me I’d marry you right now. I’d start my life with you. We’d go out and buy that piece of land you want, build a cute little house. Have sex, cuddle by the fireplace and eat breakfast together the next morning. Go to work, and rush to get home just so we could see each other. Eventually have babies, and fight over who’s parents we’re naming them after. Buy our first dog. Celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Get in those bad fights, but make up after a day or so. Continue to surprise each other, watch the sunset from our front porch every now and then. Watch our babies graduate and start their lives. Retire. Meet our grandbabies. Hold each other every night and never forget the love that started this all. If it were up to me, I’d start that adventure with you right now.